Wüsthof Ikon Cook's Knife - 8 inch (WU4996/20)

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Classic Ikon Chef's Knife 20 cm | 8 inch by Wüsthof

The all-rounder: for mincing, chopping, or cutting meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables. This Cook’s Knife is an active participant in many kitchen tasks, makes food prepping pleasurable, and is part of every professional and hobby cook’s basic equipment. The half bolster, the junction between the handle and blade, reduces the weight of the knife, making it easier to handle. It also allows the entire blade to be sharpened more easily.

Blade Length 20cm
Can be used for Head of lettuce , Meat, Vegetables, Fish, Herbs, Fruit, Cabbage
Handle Material African Blackwood
Product Number
1010530120 (WU4996/20)

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