We here at Koch & Köchin, understand that the climate crisis has been at the forefront of discussion for decades, and has arguably been the world's biggest problem to tackle and as the years increase, it is becoming increasingly evident that we need to do our best to protect the environment.
Improving our sustainability is very important to us as well as improving the impact we have on the environment so we have taken steps to do so which will be outlined below.


We have partnered with Kite & DHL packaging which we use to deliver our products. Their packaging maximises the use of recycled materials, using suppliers that minimise the environmental strain and DHL has their own GoGreen programme which helps optimise the Carbon Footprint.


We currently use Royal Mail, Amazon Shipping & Fast Despatch Logistics (FDL) for nationwide deliveries and use DHL Express & DHL Global Mail for international orders.

We have specifically chosen to work with these companies for their reliability and reach as well as their own programmes which aid in reducing the carbon footprint and building towards a more sustainable future.

From the use of electric and hybrid vehicles and utilising a system designed o reduce carbon emissions per package, which provides efficient delivery routes, reducing operation emissions through transport and buildings and donating proceeds to the community as well as programmes that aid in the reduction of carbon emissions.

Hosting of our Site

We use Shopify to host our website and our website is built with the environment in mind reducing and producing very low carbon emissions to host each page which you can keep track of in the footer of each page on our website. 

Shopify pledges an annual amount in millions to climate change groups to offset emissions and improve the environment.

We also use a service (EcoDrive) that allows customers to choose whether to plant trees (s) per order - so you can join in as well!


At our office and warehouse, we use energy-efficient lights, avoid the use of single-use cups and if needed, use recyclable cups. We use shade-grown coffee at our office & warehouse and as our business requires printing, we use bio-toner & all cartridges used are recyclable along with recycled printing paper and always use double-sided printing when possible.  Our cleaning is also done using eco-friendly products and we have a single bin in each area accompanied by a recycle bin instead of multiple individual bins.