Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven Pot - 2 in 1 Combo Cooker Skillet - 3 Litre | Nuovva


Pre Seasoned Dutch Oven Pot - 2in1 Combo Cooker Skillet Lid - by Nuovva

  • Ready to use: The cast iron Dutch oven cooking pot is already pre-seasoned which means you can start cooking right out of the box! It also comes with an additional care leaflet to help you uphold the seasoning.
  • Dual usage: our cast iron cooking pot includes a 2-in-1 lid that can be used not only with the Combo Cooker Dutch oven but also as an individual skillet frying pan, save time by cooking more delicious meals at once!
  • Premium material: this finest quality cast iron combo cooker has been sourced to produce our pre-seasoned Dutch oven set, demonstrated by its sleek refined surface and lasting lifetime function with appropriate maintenance.
  • Versatile design: our cast iron cooking pot with its two sturdy handles allows for comfortable moving and cooking, prepare a various selection of dishes with the aptly named Combo Cooker, from traditional casserole stews to alternative no-knead Dutch oven bread.