Enamelled Cast Iron Pot Non-Stick Casserole 24cm | 4.7L | Multiple Colours| Nuovva

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Cast Iron Pot with Lid
Sturdy Dutch Oven – by Nuovva 

A great alternative to the traditional bare cast iron pot for busy working individuals, our ovenproof casserole dish is coated with enamel for a sleek smooth finish, enjoy quick and easy cleaning with no need for seasoning.

Coming in a superb range of colours you choose between red, blue, grey, and green for your enamelled cast iron casserole dish, add a splash of colour to your kitchen interior design or match it with existing utensils and cookware.

The excellent heat-retaining nature of ovenproof enamelled cast iron allows for flexible cooking, browning and sealing in juices of meat on the hob before slow stewing in the oven as well as just frying up a delicious steak or fish with vegetables.

The round enamelled casserole dish follows a nostalgic but ergonomic design with robust double handles and a matching cast iron lid, transport the pot from hob to oven with no fuss or bring a showstopping dish to the table with ease!