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Mini Electric Heater Fan Portable 1800W in White – by Nuovva

  • EFFICIENT: the PTC ceramic technology featured on the NUOVVA electric heater is a superior and cost-friendly alternative to the standard fan heater as it provides more effective and economical heat production and distribution.
  • PORTABLE: this lightweight and compact electric heater includes a very useful handle, it can be moved from room to room with minimal effort, warm up any room you need, and is also great for moving!
  • OSCILLATING: choose direct heat flow or warm up larger spaces using the oscillating function of our free-standing heater fan which boosts range and air circulation for a warmer and more comfortable environment.
  • SAFETY: our oscillating air heater features a tip-over safety setting ensuring the heater switches off if tipped over and the inbuilt overheating sensing system switches off the fan if it goes above safe levels of temperature, one less thing to worry about!
  • ADJUSTABLE: our electric air heater features clear and sleek dials, that control the thermostat, power, and oscillation to your liking with ease!
Timer Energy Efficient
Electronic Thermostat Digital Display 

HEIGHT  24 cm
WIDTH  17.5 cm