Wüsthof Classic Fish Fillet Knife - 20cm (WU4518/20)

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Fish fillet knife 20 cm / 8"

For use on fish, meat and fruit: while Boning Knives or Cleavers are more suitable for coarser tasks, especially for meat, the Filleting Knife, with its flexible blade, is particularly suitable for wafer-thin filleting. Precision cutting of meat, loosening the fish fillet from the skin or peeling fruit – these are the Fish Filleting Knife's special talents.
  • The Wüsthof Classic knife series impresses with its timeless design and reliable performance. It is easy to clean and offers the right cooking tool for every food fan
  • With the flexible blade (20 cm) the narrow fibres knife is ideal for ultra-thin filleting, as well as for precise but powerful cuts along small bones, bones or skin. The sharp knife fillets clean and precise - without hurting fibres
  • The ultra-sharp blade is forged from a single piece of flexible Wüsthof steel, hardened to 58° Rockwell and is sanded using a laser-based sharpening process before it gets its final polishing scraper by hand – and thus its long-lasting sharpness.
  • A good kitchen knife with non-slip handles made from special plastic. They are triple riveted with stainless steel rivets, seamlessly mounted and very hygienic. The ergonomic handle fits comfortably in the hand and supports fatigue-free and safe cutting
  • This all-round stable quality knife from Wüsthof is perfectly balanced, supports safe working and is therefore ideal for everyday kitchen work. A brand knife from a genuine traditional company: Made in Germany – forged in Solingen
Blade Length 20cm
Can be used for Meat , Fish
Handle Material Resilient synthetic handle, riveted
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