Victorinox Paring Knife Pointed Tip & Serrated Edge - 2 Pack | Blister | 8 cm

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Paring Knife w/ Pointed Tip & Serrated Edge

No matter what you’re about to prepare, the Paring Knife will help you do it. Small, sharp, and agile, this knife is delicate enough for delicacies and tough enough for the toughest meats. Keep it close at hand and cut, slice, and carve your way through to a beautiful meal every time.

Key features

  • Perfect for cutting and preparing vegetables, fruits, and other food
  • Swiss-made paring knife with a wavy edge
  • With an ultra-sharp wavy edge and ergonomic handle
Item Code 6.7636.L119B
Length of blade 8 cm
Weight 25 g
Handle material Polypropylene (PP)
Type of edge Serrated
Dishwasher Safe? Yes