Non-Stick Griddle Frying Pan With Lid (Wonder Pan) | Nuovva

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Non-Stick Griddle Wonder Pan With Lid by Nuovva 

Looking for a way of keeping your meals delicious and carb-smart without compromising on taste? The Koch & Köchin griddle pan is the perfect solution for cooking your meats and veggies with minimal grease or oil!

This grill pan is made with the finest quality anodized die-cast aluminium and glass lid, a combination of food-grade materials which is easy to wash, 100% safe, and guaranteed to withstand the test of time.

Unlike similar products on the market, this skillet pan features a non-stick surface and a glass lid with an escape valve for excess pressure. The double handles ensure a non-slip ergonomic grip, while the 4,5cm depth keeps your oven mess-free!