Wüsthof Sticks (Designer) Knife Storage Block | (WU7262)

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Knife block (up to 12 Knives)

This stunning wooden knife block is enhanced with a unique design. It consists of several bars of wood between which you can place the knives. Due to the design of the block, there are no fixed sizes that a knife must have to fit into one of the openings. As such the block is very flexible in use. As long as the blade is not higher than 15 cm, and not longer than 20 cm, it will fit inside.

According to Wüsthof, knife block has enough room for 12 knives, but of course it depends entirely on how you choose to use it. For example, two chef's knives fit next to each other in an opening, but you can also put more small peeling knives in it. Make sure that the blades do not touch each other to prevent damage. In addition to the openings for knives, the block also has a larger square opening for a sharpening or honing steel.

The knife block is made from thermally treated beech wood. The heat treatment means that the wood has first been baked in an oven between 180 and 220 degrees.  This treatment the wood is protected from stretching and shrinking. This prevents it from tearing and deforming, and the block is also not affected by water.
Height 26cm
Length 15cm
Max Blade Height 15cm
Max Blade Length
Space For
12 Knives
Storage System
Flexible Slots
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