Wüsthof Classic (Tourniermesser) Peeling Knife - 7cm (WU4062)

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Peeling knife 7 cm / 3"

Particularly useful for peeling and cleaning rounded vegetables and fruit: this small, handy Peeling Knife - also known as a Turning or Tourne Knife - with its short, bird's beak-shaped curved blade, makes it easy to peel produce such as potatoes or apples quickly, preserving the valuable vitamins found directly under the skin. The plain edge of the Peeler / Tourne Knife enables very precise cuts, making it the ideal helper for hollowing out and decorating fruit and vegetables.
  • This small handy knife, with its short sabre-shaped curved blade, is also called a paring knife and is particularly suitable for peeling and cleaning round vegetables and fruit
  • Thanks to the special blade shape, potatoes and apples can be peeled quickly and easily. Valuable vitamins directly under the skin are thus retained
  • The smooth cutting edge of the peeling knife allows very precise cuts and therefore makes it the ideal aid for scooping out and cutting fruit and vegetables decoratively
  • The classic three rivet handle fits perfectly in the hand
  • Quality - made in Germany Solingen
Blade Length 7cm
Can be used for Round vegetables , Round fruit
Handle Material Resilient synthetic handle, riveted
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