Wüsthof Classic Santoku Knife - 17cm (WU4183)

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Classic 17cm Hollow Edge Santoku

What a cook's knife is for European kitchens, the Santoku is for Japan and the whole of Asia: so versatile in shape, weight and edge that it can be used for mincing and chopping herbs, vegetables and fruit as well as for preparing fish and meat. The sharp blade of a Santoku allows anything from regular to wafer-thin cuts - it is therefore now indispensable in kitchens all around the world.

Blade Length 17 cm
Handle Material Resilient synthetic handle, riveted
Manufacturing method
Product type
Series Classic
Good For Cabbage, Fish, Fruit, Head of lettuce, Herbs, Meat, Dry or semi-dry sausage, Vegetables
 Type of use Cutting, Chopping, Mincing
Product Number 1040131317


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