Victorinox Swiss Card Lite

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Swiss Card with LED Light

You'll be amazed at how many tools we've packed into the Swiss Card. And you'll be surprised at how often you need one of those tools tucked away inside. And with its clever, award-winning design and incredible functionality, you'll enjoy it each time you need to take it out. Featuring a bright LED, the Swiss Card is always ready to shed some light on your every day (and night) adventures.


1. Letter Opener 2. LED Light
3. Magnifying Glass 4. Scissors
5. Ballpoint Pen 6. Tweezers
7. Stainless Steel Pin 8. Ruler (cm / in)
 9. Quattro Screwdriver
- 3mm Screwdriver - 5mm Screwdriver
- Philips 1-2 - Philips 00-0



Item Code 0.7333.T3 (Black T) / 0.7300.T (Red)
Height 4 mm
Length 82 mm
Weight 26 g