Victorinox Hiker Swiss Army Pocket Knife| 91 mm

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Hiker Swiss-made pocket knife with 13 functions:
  1. Blade (Large)
  2. Blade (Small)
  3. Can opener
  4. Screwdriver (3mm)
  5. Bottle opener
  6. wire stripper
  7. screwdriver (6mm)
  8. Reamer
  9. Punch and sewing awl
  10. Phillips screwdriver 1 – 2
  11. Wood saw
  12. toothpick
  13. Tweezers and key ring


Height  16.5 mm
Length  91 mm
Weight 77 g
Scale material ABS / Collider
Item number 14613

Lifetime assurance: Victorinox assures all knives and tools to be of first-class stainless steel and also assures a lifetime against any defects in material and workmanship (save for electronic components two years) Damage caused by normal wear and tear, misuse, or abuse is not covered by this assurance.