Victorinox 'Swiss Classic' Cutlery Beechwood Block | 11 Piece Set (Black)

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Multifunctional Cutlery Block with Natural Design

The Cutlery Block is filled with professional-quality tools and overflowing with inspiration. Each of its 11 pieces, in Black, is designed to help you get the job done more efficiently and pleasurably than ever imagined. It's everything you need to push the envelope of your own culinary creativity – just imagine the possibilities!

Key features

  • The elegant storage solution combines several functions in one block
  • Swiss-made cutlery block with 11 pieces
  • With a compact design made of high-quality beechwood


1. Potato Peeler (double edge)

2. Swiss Classic Steak Knife - wavy edge, (11 cm)

3. Swiss Classic Paring Knife - wavy edge,   (8 cm) 4. Swiss Classic Paring Knife - pointed tip, (8 cm)
5. Swiss Classic Paring Knife - pointed tip, (10 cm) 6. Swiss Classic Tomato and Table Knife - wavy edge, (11 cm)
7. Swiss Classic Carving Knife (15 cm) 8. Swiss Classic Carving Knife (22 cm)
9. Swiss Classic Santoku Knife - fluted edge, (17 cm) 10. Swiss Classic Bread Knife - wavy edge (21 cm)
 11. Domestic Sharpening Steel - round (20 cm)


Item Code 6.7153.11
Size 182 x 90 x 361 mm
Weight 2.38 KG
Collection Swiss Classic