Victorinox C680 Slicer - Narrow Serrated Blade

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Slicing Knife with Ultra-Sharp Wavy Edge

Designed to cut thin slices of meat, poultry or fish, as well as being able to chop through most fruit and vegetables, this slicing knife by Victorinox is both versatile and functional. The knife features an thin, serrated blade that accurately cuts through your choice of produce, whilst the blade's long construction makes it ideal for use with large joints of meat. The flexible blade also makes it easy to remove meat from the bone - cutting some time off of your preparation tasks.

Features a Fibrox handle that provides excellent grip when wet or dry, as well as a comfortable fit within the hand. The blade is crafted from high-carbon stainless steel that is resistant to most impact, rust or corrosion damage, whilst being easy to clean after use - saving you money on replacement bills and time on cleaning.

Item Code 5.4433.25
Material Ice-tempered high carbon stainless steel
Edge Type
Wavy Edge
Weight 130 g
Dishwasher Safe? Yes