Victorinox | Swiss Army Can Opener | Black and Red

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Made to the highest of standards, it is both easy to use and maintain. Simply open the handles, slide onto the side of the can, close the handles and turn the knob. The lid will be removed, leaving a neatly finished edge behind. The Universal Can Opener features include two comfortable ABS Handles and a practical Bottle Opener. The ABS Handle is comfortable, lightweight, and easy to clean.


  • The perfect tool for can opening
  • Suitable for 3-component cans. Not suitable for 2-component cans.
  • Integrated bottle opener at the centre
  • Easy cleaning
  • Chunky grip twisting handles
  • Stainless steel body with strong synthetic handles
Body Material Stainless Steel
Handle Material Synthetic Material (ABS)
Total Length 178 mm
Width 44 mm
Height 51mm
Weight 166g
Country of origin Switzerland