Non-Stick Induction Griddle Pan | 28cm | Nuovva

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Non-Stick Induction Griddle Pan with Detachable Handle - 28cm - by Nuovva

  • CONVENIENT DESIGN: the shape of our square griddle frying pan allows it to sit comfortably on the hob among other cooking pots, as well as being storage friendly.
  • VERSATILE USE: Featuring a strong and sturdy removable handle, our square grill pan can be changed from a frying pan into a grilling plate in a matter of seconds!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: we have sourced the highest quality aluminium for our square griddle pan, ensuring a smooth pristine finish and resilient performance
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: our aluminium grill frying pan is a great lighter alternative to a cast iron griddle pan, easier to move and use when cooking.
  • DELICIOUS SEARED FINISH: gives all food, meat, fish, and vegetables a great tasting grilled effect and flavour, the closest thing to a BBQ indoors.
Material Aluminium
Compatible devices Electric Coil
Capacity 4 litres