Round Non-Stick Crisper Tray (Copper)

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Oven Baking Mesh Tray Rack – 2pcs Set, 30cm – by Nuovva

  • MAKE MEALS HEALTHIER: our crisper basket tray rack allows any excess oil and grease to fall through its mesh design, minimising unwanted unhealthy fats, enjoy a healthier alternative to frying your favourite dishes!
  • TASTIER FOOD: the ergonomic design of our oven rack and tray set facilitates the air fryer style of enhanced hot airflow circulation producing a more satisfying crunch to your meals, crispier chips, pizzas, bacon, chicken and more!
  • MULTI-USE: use our oven crisper rack tray set together to roast crispier food or use them separately, the round sheet can also be used like a normal tray to bake pizzas, pastries, cookies, and other treats.
  • ALTERNATIVE AIR FRYER: a great choice instead of the popular air fryer without committing to its more expensive price and bulky size, produce similar results and enjoy easier clean-up, more storage friendly too!
  • MODERN COLOUR: our sleek crisper basket and tray set comes in a gorgeous copper colour that adds a pop of colour to your kitchen, it can be matched to other copper utensils in your home or any other kitchen accessories in our store!