Airtight Food Storage Containers Set [8, 12, 20 and 30 Pcs] | Nuovva

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Airtight Food Storage Containers Set by Nuovva

  • VARIOUS SIZES:  Comes in a variety of sizes built for multiple occasions. Ideal for storing a wide range of food as well as allowing more flexible storage.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: the NUOVVA food storage containers are made from high quality, food-grade BPA-free plastic, exceptionally durable for long-time use and absolutely easy to clean!
  • STURDY DESIGN: the sleek and strong design of our stackable plastic Tupperware containers will look great in your kitchen while saving plenty of storage space! The clear BPA-free plastic allows you to check its contents at a glance.
  • ENDLESS USES: Our food storage Tupperware container set is ideal for food storage such as cereal, flour, pasta, rice, beans, biscuits etc. It can also be used throughout the home to keep it organized, and store tools, detergent, pet food, children's toys and many more!
  • LEAK PROOF: our storage containers have a 4-hinge lock system that makes them airtight, ensuring meals stay fresh for longer without the worry of spilt food.
 Container Set Contents
 8 Pieces x2 350ml, x2 750ml, x2 850ml x2 1000ml.
12 Pieces x3 350ml, x2 550ml, x3 750ml, x2 850ml, x2 1050ml.
20 Pieces x4 60ml, x4 350ml, x3 550ml, x3 750ml, x3 850ml, x3 1000ml.
30 Pieces x5 60ml, x4 350ml, x3 520ml x4 550ml, x4 750ml, x4 850ml, x4 1000ml, x2 1740ml