Energy Efficient Electric Heater w/ Remote Control | Nuovva

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Electric Heater w/ Touch Screen Controls, 2000W by Nuovva

  • ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS: The oscillating electric stand heater fan features many settings to create your perfect warm ambience, use the handy timer to heat your home and space as efficiently as possible.
  • REMOTE CONTROL: Our electric tower stand air heater comes with an easy-to-use remote control, adjust the fan to your liking at a distance with the bold and clear thermostat, or use the touchscreen with a tap!
  • EFFICIENT OPTION: The 2000W energy-efficient tower fan heater by Nuovva heats up your space to your liking in no time with effectively boosted air circulation, a cost-effective alternative to traditional wall-mounted radiators.
  • SAFETY FUNCTION: Our free-standing heater fan features a protective safety system where the fan immediately shuts down if any overheating is detected, stay warm and worry-free in cold environments.
  • MODERN DESIGN: The electric heater by Nuovva has a rectangular design with a sleek metallic Silver/white accent, the strong and light fan can be carried to other rooms with ease, a stylish design addition to your home.