Electric Tower Fan Heater | Nuovva


Electric Tower Air Heater 2000W – by Nuovva

  • PRACTICAL: our tower heating fan can be used anywhere, in an office or for personal use at home, It is perfect for employees, friends, and family!
  • OSCILLATING: the back-and-forth motion of the NUOVVA free-standing ceramic heater boosts range and air circulation for a warmer and more comfortable ambiance.
  • CONVENIENT: the lightweight and compact design of our electric heater includes a very useful handle, it can be moved from room to room with minimal effort, great for moving!
  • EXTRA SAFE: this eco-electric heater features an inbuilt overheat sensing system that switches off the fan if it reaches above safe temperature levels, and the tip-over safety setting ensures the fan switches off in an instant if tipped over.
  • ECONOMICAL: the ceramic technology of our electric tower standing heater is a better cost-friendly alternative to the traditional fan heater as it provides more effective and efficient heat transfer.
Timer Adjustable Speed Control
Electronic Thermostat Oscillating 

HEIGHT  20 cm
WIDTH  52 cm