Wüsthof Classic Ikon Bread Knife - 9 inch (WU4166)

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Classic Ikon Bread Knife 14 cm | 9 inch by Wüsthof

A classic amongst the range of knives that belong in every kitchen: as well as bread, this knife is suitable for use on hard-skinned vegetables and fruit, as well as for roasts, especially those with crackling. The concave (inwardly curved), serrated edge of the knife works like the teeth of a saw, but is much finer, so no pressure is required to cut any sort of bread and even a hard crust will allow a clean cut.
Blade Length 23cm
Can be used for Head of lettuce, Bread roll, Bread, Pies/cakes, Roast, Cabbage
Handle Material Resilient synthetic handle, riveted

Care Instructions

Because serrated blades wear far less than plain edge blades, as long as you use your (double) serrated knife correctly, you will not need to resharpen it.
Classic Ikon
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