Electric Oil Heater Remote Control (Black - White) | Filled Heater Energy Efficient - 11 Fin, 2500W | Nuovva


 PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 53 x 17 x 67 cm
 SPECIAL FEATURES: Remote Control, Touchscreen, Thermostat, Safety Tip Over Switch, Overheat Protection, Low Energy Consumption
 WEIGHT: 9 kg

  • POWERFUL HEAT OUTPUT: The oil-filled radiator free standing heater with a touchscreen by Nuovva has 11 fins and 5 oil channels that work harmoniously to create an impressive heat output that ensures your room remains comfortably warm.
  • 24 HOUR TIMER: Our 11 fin electric heater energy efficient includes a 24-hour timer ensuring convenience and cutting costs this winter by programming your heater to operate only when you need it, you can enjoy a warm room without unnecessary energy expenditure.
  • THERMOSTAT CONTROL: The electric oil heater with a built-in thermostat by Nuovva prevents the heater from running needlessly once your desired temperature is reached, maintaining a warm and comfortable atmosphere.
  • FULL CONTROL: Our electric radiator with 5 oil channels can be adjusted to your liking either with the included remote control from a comfortable distance or using the clear and easy-to-use touchscreen.
  • SAFETY FEATURES: The portable oil heater with timer is constructed with an in-built overheat protection system that kicks in when the temperature becomes too high and tip-over switch, keeping your home cosy and warm with peace of mind.