Victorinox Swiss Classic Paring Knife Set | Wavy & Straight Edge - 6 Pcs

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Paring Knives with Wavy and with Straight Edges

The paring knife is the absolute stalwart of the chopping block. Ready to take on the most intricate culinary duties, these diminutive utility blades tackle a variety of precision tasks with impressive agility. From de-seeding a jalapeño to deveining shrimp, peeling a kumquat or chopping garlic, there’s no task too detailed. And with the Swiss Classic Paring Knife Set, 6 pieces, you can count on finding the right tool, every time.

Key features

  • Optimal combination of different edges for the kitchen
  • Swiss-made paring knives with various edges
  • With an ergonomic handle and stainless steel blade
1. Universal Peeler 2. Swiss Classic Paring Knife (wavy edge)
3. Swiss Classic Paring Knife (straight edge) 4. Swiss Classic Paring Knife (wavy edge)
5. Swiss Classic Paring Knife (pointed tip)

6. Swiss Classic Tomato and Table Knife (wavy edge)


Item number 6.7113.6G
Weight 356 g
Series Swiss Classic