Victorinox Carving Knife (19cm) - Broad Blade | Blister Pack

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Carving Knife w/ Broad Blade

If you use a knife with a wide blade will cut surface smooth and slick. The purpose of smooth and sharp edges is that of raw fruit or meat on a cutting board escaped the smallest amount of juice. On a hot pan with a smooth surface of a piece of meat quickly closed. Juices that make meat taste gains, and therefore remain inside the meat does not dry out. Using a sharp knife cookbooks can be cut into thin slices and tomato, crisp bread, chopped scallion, cucumber and slice harder vegetables, cut up meat or fish, cleaned and chopped onion, garlic wipe the edge of the knife, pepper, etc. pulverize the hands of professional chefs most often receive especially large cooking knives

    Item Code 5.1903.19B
    Blade Length 19 cm
    Weight 90 g
    Handle Material Polypropylene (PP)
    Dishwasher Safe? Yes