Non-Stick Aluminium Casserole Pot with Lid – Sturdy Deep Dutch Oven – with Ergonomic Handles – 4L (24 cm)

£36.99 £39.99
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: the high-quality aluminium material used to create our casserole dish provides a lighter and more agile alternative to traditional cast iron and ceramic cookware, easier to manage, carry and store.
  • QUICK TO HEAT: a naturally conductive material, our aluminium casserole dish with matching lid will be ready to cook in a matter of moments, a great option for time constrained cooking and hungry appetites!
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: sleek and smooth, our aluminium casserole dish is perfect for busy working individuals, benefit from effortless cleaning and minimal care compared to cast iron, with no seasoning needed!
  • CLASSIC DESIGN: our round aluminium casserole dish was developed with a nostalgic but ergonomic design, featuring solid double handles and a matching aluminium lid, carry a beautiful showstopping dish from the oven to the dinner table with ease!
  • ECONOMICAL CHOICE: a generally cost-effective preference for the home kitchen or professional use, the aluminium performs magnificently as cookware and demonstrates longevity with care.
Material Cast Iron
Capacity 4 Litres
Finish Type Non Stick
Shape Round