Victorinox Paring Knives 3-Piece Set


Paring Knives with Three Types of Blades

No kitchen should be without a paring knife. So, why not give the gift of three? Introducing our Paring Knife Set, a super hardworking trio to cover all slicing, peeling and coring bases. This dexterous little collection contains two wavy edged blades for a stack of fruit and one straight edge for smaller citrus fruits and green veg.

  • Optimal combination of paring knives for super versatile usage
  • Swiss made paring knife set housing three separate pieces
  • With three types of edges and highly ergonomic handles
Paring knife -  5.0603
Tomato and Table knife - 5.0833
Paring knife - 5.0433
Item Number 5.1113.3