Victorinox | Grand Maître Steak Knife (12cm)

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Ultrasharp Steak Knife with Wavy Edge

The clue’s in the name; the Grand Maître; this blade is a master of meat. Compact, yet robust and super dexterous, it tackles any cut with effortless precision thanks to its razor-sharp wavy-edged blade. The ergonomically shaped handle ensures maximum stability and control, whether you and your guests are savouring an aged fillet or succulent sirloin. Set the table and enjoy!

Key features

  • Cuts effortlessly and disappears in your hand
  • Forged steak knife with wavy edge blade
  • With perfect balance and an ergonomic handle
Item Code 7.7203.12WG
Weight 90g
Type of Edge / Forged Wavy Edge / Forged
Length of Blade 12 cm
Material Polyoxymethylene (POM)
Collection Grand Maître