Vorgewürzte Bratpfanne aus Gusseisen – Quadratische Grillpfanne – 10,5 Zoll

  • NO NEED TO SEASON: our cast iron griddle pan comes pre-seasoned and is ready for use straight away! Additional helpful instructions are also included to help you maintain the seasoning and develop its natural non-stick quality.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: the square shape of our griddle frying pan sits comfortably with other hot cooking pots on the hob as well as being able to fit more food in one go.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: we have sourced the highest quality cast iron to create our superior pre-seasoned square grill frying pan, proven by its smooth polished finish and long lifetime use with proper care.
  • DURABLE HANDLE: the cast iron grill frying pan is portable and designed with a strong handle to ensure control and comfort when cooking indoors or outdoors.
  • VERSATILE USE: cook a wide variety of dishes in our hearty cast iron griddle frying pan, give a seared bbq finish to your meat and steak, allows cooking on an electric induction hob or open fire, the options are never-ending!
Material Cast Iron
Has non-stick coating Yes
Dishwasher safe? No