Oscillating Office Desk Fan | White (12-inch)

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Oscillating Office Desk Fan – Portable Table Top Cooling Fan – Quiet 12-inch White Fan

  • PRACTICAL: our desk-top air-cooling fan can be used anywhere, ideal in the workplace or for personal use at home, perfect for the office or bedside table.
  • OSCILLATING: the back-and-forth motion of our tabletop fan boosts range and air circulation for a cooler and more comfortable ambience.
  • DISCREET: Our office cooling fan's quiet and smooth operation allows for a pleasant distraction-free space for work and study.
  • VERSATILE: this fan can be moved easily from room to room as our portable cooling fan is light and transport friendly.
  • EASY TO USE: the simple and minimal design of our 12-inch table fan is an easy-to-operate must-have addition to your home or office desk.